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3 Tips for Preventing Underage Drinking During the Super Bowl image

3 Tips for Preventing Underage Drinking During the Super Bowl

Nearly synonymous with the words Super Bowl is alcohol. From watch parties to highly anticipated commercials, it’s everywhere. Most parents don’t think twice about the alcohol exposure, but it can have serious, unintentional consequences on teenagers. Research shows that teens who are exposed to Super Bowl commercials are more likely to drink underage and engage in binge drinking, according to JAMA Pediatrics. Also alarmingly, alcohol advertisements have increased 400 percent in the past 40 years, according to a study from the University of Texas at Austin. Alcohol marketing wouldn’t be a billion dollar industry if it didn’t work. Unfortunately, changing alcohol advertising laws is a very complex issue that won’t be resolved soon. However, there are easy things that parents ...

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Use the Super Bowl to talk to your kids about underage drinking image

By Rebecca Smith Last year, more than 111 million people watched the Super Bowl. And many people (including yours truly!) only watch to see the commercials. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re poignant, but they all have one goal in mind: to get people to buy a product. Every year, there are a few commercials from alcohol companies. This would be the perfect time to talk to your kids about how alcohol is portrayed in advertising versus the reality of underage drinking. More and more studies have found that the more young people are exposed to alcohol advertising, the more likely they are to start drinking or, if already drinking, to drink more, said David Jernigan, Director of the Center on ...

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