Community Assistance Service

Our Community Assistance Service helps citizens find the services they need to help them, or loved ones, overcome alcohol and/or substance abuse problems. Our staff helps them take that first step of calling the appropriate agency to schedule an assessment or counseling session. Sometimes that first step is just finding out what to do first. Call us at (903) 939-9010 for assistance.

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Community Coalition Partnerships

Our Community Coalition Partnership Program works to bring concerned community forces together to prevent alcohol and drug abuse with East Texas youth. This program is funded primarily by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Our coalitions seek to alter community perceptions and public policy. We have three coalitions that support 13 counties.

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Comprehensive Counseling Program

Our Comprehensive Counseling Program works alongside schools and juvenile probation offices to offer counseling services for less than the cost of a full-time district employee. As many as 20% of students have behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues that require counseling. Of these youth, more than 80% never receive mental health care and 10% drop out of school.

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