“Comprehensive school counseling programs affect student success and achievement. Students who have access to quality school counseling do better on standardized tests.”

New York Times

The Need

  • As many as 20% of students have behavioral, emotional and mental health issues that require counseling or treatment. Of these youth, more than 80% never receive any mental health care for their issues and 10% go on to drop out of school.
  • Many schools have a student to guidance counselor ratio of 500:1. In order to identify the potential number of students on your campus requiring responsive counseling services, multiply your current campus census numbers by 20%.
  • Most school guidances counselors simply don’t have the time to spend with the 30-60-100 or more students that require many hours of individualized counseling sessions over the course of the school year.
  • School safety can many times be directly linked to identification of youth with mental health or emotional issues. In these cases, appropriate action is essential.


  • Professional, comprehensive counseling services can be delivered for less than the cost of a full-time district employee.
  • Our licensed counselors can make professional recommendations and referrals.
  • Our staff provides comprehensive counseling services only; they have one responsibility.
  • School achievement and stable mental health are closely correlated.
  • School staff know that referrals are utilized because Next Step’s licensed counselor is on campus and services are provided at no cost to the student. Students use critical services that they might otherwise forsake.
  • Having licensed counselors working alongside your staff can promote school safety more effectively and efficiently than other more costly security measure.


Next Step only uses professionally licensed counselors in order to achieve the highest level of service.

Next Step has been offering counseling services to East Texas schools for the past five years. In the last two years we have offered this as a standalone service for schools and juvenile probation offices.


Our program is administered within the school setting during school hours by Next Step counselors working closely with designated school staff.

We provide the right amount of counseling hours based on your unique needs. Because we are a nonprofit organization, we work to combine your support with other funding sources to provide the most cost effective solution.

Call now to find out how to bring our program to your school or juvenile probation office.

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