A Night They Will Remember: Talking To Your Kids About Underage Drinking and Prom image

A Night They Will Remember: Talking To Your Kids About Underage Drinking and Prom

Across East Texas, high school students are getting ready for a night many of them have been anticipating for months: Prom. Students have planned who they are going to attend with, how they are going to ask them, what they are going to wear, if they’ll take a limo, and a long list of other details. But as dresses are being altered and flowers are being ordered, parents also have something more important to plan: How are they going to talk to their teen about underage drinking on prom night? First, it is crucial that parents understand it is a bad idea to provide alcohol for teens at prom or anytime, even if the teens aren’t getting behind the wheel. ...

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What is a prescription drug disposal pouch? image

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It’s a simple idea: When there are fewer drugs in medicine cabinets, people are less likely to abuse them. That’s the thought behind prescription drug disposal tactics such as disposal boxes (click here for a list of locations in East Texas where you can dispose of your leftover prescription drugs, no questions asked) and prescription drug disposal pouches being distributed in communities in our 3 coalitions 13-county coverage area. The East Texas Substance Abuse Coalition covers Smith, Rusk, Cherokee, Henderson, and Van Zandt counties. The Piney Woods Substance Abuse Coalition covers Gregg, Harrison, and Marion counties. The Northeast Texas Coalition Against Substance Abuse covers Franklin, Titus, Morris, Cass and Bowie counties. The prescription drug pouches were awarded to the coalitions ...

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DEA National Rx Drug Takeback Day: April 28, 2018 image

You may have heard the phrase “DEA Takeback,” but what is it? The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Takeback will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 28 at various locations across the country. It is a concerted effort by law enforcement to reduce the access people have to leftover prescription medications. Sitting unused in your medicine cabinet is not a good look for prescriptions. The event is organized by the federal agency every spring and fall. Local law enforcement agencies across the country agree to set up a location where residents can dispose of their leftover prescription drugs, no questions asked. The DEA hopes that events like this will make it less likely leftover prescriptions can be abused. ...

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Why A Lower Drinking Age Is A Bad Idea: A Comparison Between The US And Europe image

One of the arguments we sometimes hear when we explain to parents and others in the community that underage drinking is dangerous is “Europe has a lower drinking age, and they seem to be doing OK.” But it turns out Europe has more drinking-related problems than the United States. According to the World Health Organization, European rates of current drinking and high-risk or binge drinking among teens (15-19 years old) are significantly higher in European countries than the United States. While the United States has 20 percent of teens who reported binge drinking, Germany France, and the United Kingdom’s rates are all well over 40 percent. One of the negative consequences that we talk about is the fact that drinking ...

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What is Synthetic Marijuana (K2) and Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About It image

If you heard the phrases “K2,” “Spice,” “Kush,” or “synthetic marijuana,” would you know what that meant? “Synthetic marijuana, also marketed under brand names like Spice and K2, is actually a broad category of synthetic cannabinoids produced in laboratories that attempt to mimic THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana,” according to Vox News. “Synthetic cannabinoids are often marketed as ‘legal highs,’ but the federal government classified most of the chemicals used to produce them as schedule 1 substances, making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess anything containing the chemicals, even though it’s still sold in some stores around the country.” Sellers will often try to get around the legality by labeling the packages “Not for human consumption.” But users ...

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What Happens When There Are More Pills Than People image

By Rebecca Smith Last week, this headline from Vox News caught my eye: “Drug companies shipped nearly 21 million opioid painkillers to a town with 2,900 people.” That takes your breath away, doesn’t it? The town is Williamson, West Virginia. West Virginia has suffered the most overdose deaths per capita than any other state in the country. And a big contributor was simply the fact that there were so many drugs there to abuse. Opioid overdoses are such an issue that a healthcare system in Illinois started requiring last month that doctors prescribe Naloxone with their opioid prescriptions. Naloxone reverses opioid overdoses. It’s safe to say that opioids can be dangerous and highly addictive. Several pharmaceutical companies have been sued ...

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